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It Starts Now

    Each and every one of us has value and the ability to contribute something meaningful to our community. By making choices to tell the story of where we have been, we are able to write the story of where we are going.


    Understanding. Empowerment. Acceptance. Strength.

    What's YOUR story? 



    Stories are made to be shared. We feel compelled to tell them." Marco Tempest (check him out on TED.com) describes magic as a kind of storytelling. I'd turn that around and say that storytelling is a kind of magic. When we tell our stories, share the experiences that have made us who we are, we change the world. We create connections, possibilities, opportunities. It Starts Now is a way of sharing not just our corner of the world we live in, or what we have lived through, although those are both stories worth telling. It Starts Now collects our stories as a way to imagine a world in which all of us, all of our experiences, all of our selves, are truly included. Tell your story; hear someone else's. Watch the world get bigger-and smaller-at the same time. It's magic.  Melynda Huskey, Dean of Students 

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    Photo credit: Sharon Schnebly